Burlington, VT is for Adventurous Solo Travelers

by Gray Cargill on September 30, 2009

Those of us who live in Vermont have known for years that this is a great state to live and vacation for those who love outdoor adventure. But now, the rest of the world will know, too. National Geographic just put out its list of the Best 100 Adventure Towns and Burlington (as well as Stowe and Montgomery, VT) made the cut!

With six months of winter a year, Vermont is an ideal vacation destination for anyone who loves snow sports, but spring, summer, and fall have their appeal, too.  Even those of us who don’t love winter take advantage of the other three seasons to get outside.  We have plenty of mountains for hiking and lakes for water sports, and you can’t go a mile in Vermont without seeing a bicyclist.  For the solo adventurer, Vermont is a real playground–and one of the safest places in the country to travel alone–we have the second lowest crime rate in the nation.

See the rest of National Geographic’s best here.

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