New Orleans

5 Favorite River Walks in 5 Fabulous Cities

February 6, 2013
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Humankind has been drawn to rivers for as long as we’ve drawn breath. Songs and poems have been written about rivers, and many world mythologies have at least one important story about a river. In mythology, crossing a river marks an important part of a journey. The River Styx in Greek mythology was the border […]

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Solo Travel at Christmas: New Orleans

December 12, 2012
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If you find yourself with time off during the holidays and a desire to use it for travel, I can think of few destinations as appealing as New Orleans for the solo traveler. In fact, I’ve done it myself: In 2008, I flew to New Orleans the day after Christmas and flew home on New […]

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The Taxi Trilogy: Feeling the Power of Survival in New Orleans

April 27, 2012
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This is part 3 of a 3-part series about memorable stories from cab rides I’ve had over the years. (Click to read part 1, Finding Inspiration in a Las Vegas Taxi, and part 2, A Silver Lining in Orlando.) Today’s story, the third and final story in my trilogy, comes from New Orleans. My trip […]

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Things to Do in New Orleans

January 31, 2012

Three years after my visit to New Orleans, I still sigh when I think about the city. I loved everything about it–the history, the culture (one of the most diverse in the country), the food, the music, the geography, and the fun-loving, indomitable spirit of the people who live there. When I recently asked you […]

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Photo Blog: City Park, New Orleans

February 7, 2009

City Park is an oasis in New Orleans, well worth a visit when you’re in the city.  You can take the Canal Streetcar to the Park.

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Restaurant Review: Hunt Room Grill

February 4, 2009

On my last night in New Orleans, a new acquaintance who happened to be staying at the Hotel Monteleone suggested we have dinner at their restaurant, the Hunt Room Grill.  It hadn’t been on my list of dining choices, but I was willing to give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  This […]

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Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

February 2, 2009

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the Garden District of New Orleans is over 170 years old and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was once part of the Livaudais Plantation. During my trip to New Orleans, I booked a cemetery tour here with a group called Save Our Cemeteries.  This group was […]

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Hurricane on the Bayou

January 31, 2009

Two of my New Orleans tour guides recommended this wonderful movie called “Hurricane on the Bayou” that was showing at the IMAX Theater in the same building that houses the Aquarium.  They said it would explain why Katrina’s devastation was so horrific.  So I went down there on Monday afternoon and watched it. The movie […]

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Restaurant Review: Commander’s Palace

January 30, 2009

The restaurant experience I most anticipated in New Orleans was Commander’s Palace ; because of their former Las Vegas location, I had heard about their food and $.25 martini specials for years.   Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the Garden District just so happens to be right across the street from Commander’s Palace.   So as […]

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