New York

Four Days in New York City

September 3, 2010

I thought it was high time I wrapped up what I did on my June New York trip. You already know I stayed at the Pod Hotel, ate at Thai 51, and spent some time in Brooklyn with my cousin.  I’ve also written about my travel takeaways from my trip and my experiment with going […]

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A Brooklyn Itinerary

August 27, 2010

I just took my fourth trip to New York City this summer.  It was only my second time setting foot in Brooklyn.  I finally did what so many New York tourists are encouraged to do: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the country (finished in 1883), […]

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A Table for One at Thai 51

August 10, 2010

I had the best seat in the restaurant.  Looking out the large front window at Thai 51, I got to watch people passing by on East 51st Street, New York City:  Twenty-something visitors headed to the Pod hotel next door, he with an over-sized backpack on his back, she rolling a small suitcase behind her; […]

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New York’s Pod Hotel: Budget-Friendly for the Solo Traveler

July 27, 2010

It is very rare in the U.S. to find a hotel that has single rooms–that is, rooms that are sized and priced for people traveling alone. Almost all hotel rooms in this country are priced “per person based on double occupancy,” meaning they are intended for two people to share. The message this sends the […]

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Travel Takeaways from My NYC Trip

June 29, 2010

I have to apologize.  My regular posting schedule of Tuesday, Friday, Sunday is going to be screwed up this week.  This will be my only post until next Tuesday or Friday.  The reason for this is two back-to-back trips with intense schedules.  I am just back from the travel blogging conference in New York City, […]

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TBEX10: New York City, Baby!

June 22, 2010

Given New York’s geographic proximity to Vermont, it’s strange that I’ve been to Las Vegas more times than I have New York City.  I’ve made three trips to the city, the first two when I was a teenager, and the most recent three years ago. My early trips were of wide-eyed wonder as I saw […]

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New York From the 6 Train

April 30, 2009

Today’s post is by guest blogger, Betsy, who offers her insider solo tips for New York City.  Enjoy! ******************************************************* New York City is one of my favorite places to explore solo. After five years of pounding the pavement, here are a few of my favorite activities no matter what kind of weather you encounter in […]

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