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Solo Spa Nerves

January 8, 2014
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One of the best ways a solo traveler can relax on the road is to treat herself (or himself) to a spa day. I have to admit, I’ve only done this a handful of times. I usually have excuses why I can’t, like “I’ve only got a week in this city, and there’s too much [...]

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2013: The Year of Social Solo Travel

December 26, 2013
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2013 was a much busier travel year for me than I expected it to be. At the beginning of the year, I only had three trips confirmed. By the end of the year, I’d gone on seven—thanks to four serendipitous opportunities. I never left North America, but I was able to visit four new destinations, [...]

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Best Places to Travel Solo?

September 11, 2013
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Every once in awhile, I receive email and Twitter requests from people for “best places to travel solo”. They’re looking to me for a shortlist of the “sure-thing” destinations where they’ll have a great solo travel experience. Sometimes, I even see an article make the rounds of social media attempting to come up with such [...]

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Solo Travel: The Unfiltered Experience

August 7, 2013
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If you’re on Instagram, you know all about filters—the popular photo app applies filters to photos to make them look more artistic. You can tint a photo, strip out the color to make it black-and-white, or boost the colors, making it more vibrant. Photo editing software offers filters like that, too. As a creative person, [...]

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The Protagonist’s Trip: Solo Travel For the Author

July 24, 2013
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered how mystery writers do their research to get all the details “just right” for their stories. Surely they can’t have traveled to all the places they write about and surely they can’t have personally experienced all the things their protagonists do in the book, right? Well, [...]

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How To Survive a Long Solo Road Trip

June 19, 2013
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Is there some aspect of travel that you find daunting? Something you dislike so much you’d do pretty much anything to avoid it? For me, it’s always been the long, solo car trip. I don’t enjoy driving. Oh, sure, driving is good for getting back and forth to work and to run errands. But beyond [...]

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Saying Goodbye to Seasickness

June 5, 2013
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I’m still relatively new to the world of cruising. The first time I even set foot aboard a cruise ship was in 2010, when I went on a press trip aboard Norwegian Epic. But I was immediately hooked. With all the restaurants and activities, the solo-friendly rooms and the big production shows, it reminded me [...]

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Norwegian Epic vs. Norwegian Breakaway

May 22, 2013
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Confession time: Isn’t this a scenario we all dream of being faced with: Two equally wonderful suitors vying for our affections? That’s what solo travelers are faced with right now with two Norwegian cruise ships: The Epic and The Breakaway. Both feature innovative Studio Staterooms designed and priced for solo travelers, making them each a [...]

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10 Things to Love About Norwegian Breakaway

May 15, 2013
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I’m back from my fun, whirlwind two-day cruise aboard the new Norwegian cruise ship, Breakaway. I have a lot to say about this ship—more than can fit in one blog post—but I wanted to hit the highlights for you this week. How does this ship measure up for solo travelers? Pretty well, I thought. I’m [...]

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