10 Money-Saving Tips for Solo Travel

August 7, 2008

Since solo travelers routinely take it on the chin when it comes to hotel and transportation costs (because we have no one to split the cost with) and are unable to utilize 2-for-1 deals, it pays to have some other strategies in your back pocket for saving money on travel. Here are 10 that I […]

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Discount Hotel Codes Online – A Cautionary Tale

July 12, 2008

The Vegas Internet community is all abuzz tonight with the news that a great discount code (SDM060, “The Ultimate Escape”) that had been shared all over the Internet–on normally trusted sites–was only intended for certain MGM player’s club members, and many, many unhappy travelers have received emails from the MGM Grand telling them, essentially, that […]

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Foreign Travel on a Budget – Getting Creative

March 19, 2008

Want to travel somewhere exotic, but don’t have the budget for it? 5 offbeat paths to foreign travel deals by Erin Peterson offers concrete suggestions for getting there in creative ways. Peterson explores five ways to get there for less: Agritourism, Volunteer Travel, Home Swaps, Hospitality Networks, and Ambassador programs. Interesting stuff. None of them […]

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