More ideas for solo travelers on a budget

by Gray Cargill on October 27, 2008

Jane Engle wrote this article in the L.A. Times travel section recently offering five suggestions on ways solos can travel within a budget.  It’s all good advice, some of which I’ve covered here before.  Although, having taken a train once to Delaware, I can tell you if you want to “snooze in your seat”, I hope there’s a shower on the other end of your ride.  I remember feeling really grungy after 14 hours on a train.  Washing up in the shared bathroom wasn’t really an option, because about 10 hours into the trip, the bathroom was even grungier than I was.

As for her last sentence:  I don’t find my own backyard fascinating when it comes to vacationing, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a large urban area there might be things there you’ve never seen before.  Have you ever thought about staying in a hotel room in your own city and pretending you’re a tourist?  It might be fun.

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