Single Rooms

by Gray Cargill on October 2, 2008

I stumbled across this thread today at and wanted to share it.  I have never actually stayed at a hotel where single rooms were even an option, so I have had no personal experience with this myself.  But I can’t say I’m terribly surprised to hear that the single rooms that do exist in hotels are often closet-sized afterthoughts with a view of a brick wall.  (And let’s not kid ourselves, those room probably were closets once upon a time.)  I just don’t see why it is so hard for the hotel industry to understand that a large percentage of travelers these days are solo travelers and would like to have single rooms that are the same quality as double rooms, just smaller and priced accordingly.  Just because a person is traveling alone doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a great experience, too.  In fact, it’s been my experience that little things like the view out the window are actually more important to me when I’m traveling solo than when I am traveling with a partner.  Yet, you never hear hotels say, as they are building new properties, that they are going to have “x number of single rooms” in order to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of solo travelers today.  Do you think they just haven’t seen these statistics?

My advice is that if you ever feel you have been discriminated against in terms of room assignment, or if you are ever unhappy with your room assignment, do speak (nicely, but firmly) with someone in a position to change the situation for you.  You have spent the same hard-earned money on your trip that others have, and you should get as nice a room as they do for the same price.

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