The Unfriendly Skies of AA

by Gray Cargill on May 21, 2008

As if airfares weren’t high enough as it is, American Airlines announced its new checked bag policy today. In addition to having to pay $25 (one way!) for every 2nd checked bag you have, now you have to pay $15 (one way!) for the first. Yes, that’s $80 round trip if you have 2 checked bags.

The worst part is, this is one of those sneaky fees that you get hit with at the airport check-in, rather than when you’re purchasing your ticket, so be sure to budget in the extra luggage fees when you’re trying to calculate the cost of your airfare. And make sure you have some form of payment with you when you get to the airport. I dread seeing which airline is next to jump on this bandwagon, almost as much as I dread seeing how many more people are going to hold up the boarding process as they try to stuff even more over-sized carry-on luggage into already stuffed overhead bins to avoid the fees.

This fee takes effect for all customers who purchase “economy-class” tickets on or after June 15. It appears you don’t have to pay this fee if you’re flying Business or First Class.

American Airlines Updated Checked Bag Policies

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