Snapshot of Madrid: San Jerónimo el Real Church

May 22, 2012
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One of the places most guidebooks will tell you to visit when you’re in Madrid is Museo Nacional del Prado (the Prado Museum). As you may recall, I wasn’t all that wowed by the Prado. I guess I’m more of an architecture lover than an art lover, because what did capture my attention on that […]

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Lost in Translation

February 14, 2012

Toward the end of 2011, I was reviewing my journals, thinking about the “best and worst” moments of my travels from the year. I ran across this one, which was not the worst, but certainly the most awkward and uncomfortable. This is the first of what I hope will be more travel stories I post […]

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Getting Around Barcelona

February 7, 2012

There are so many reasons to visit Barcelona, Spain, from its gorgeous architecture and location as a port city on the Mediterranean to its museums and pretty Spanish plazas. When you start planning your trip to Barcelona, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is: What’s the best way to get around the city? […]

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Plaza de Cibeles, The Prettiest Plaza in Madrid

October 19, 2011

If you visit Madrid, Plaza de Cibeles (metro: Banco de Espana) should be a stop on your itinerary. It is by far the prettiest and most interesting intersection I found in Madrid. It is located at the intersection of Calle de Alcala, Paseo del Prado, and Paseo de Recoletos. There, you will see the Fountain […]

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Cafeteria Europa: A SoloFriendly Favorite

October 1, 2011

I don’t know about you, but to me, the word “cafeteria” conjures up images of self-serve steam pans, hard, brown plastic trays, and globs of unappealing food doled out in an institutional setting. In Spain, “cafeteria” is synonymous with “cafe.” Cafeteria Europa is a restaurant that happens to be attached to a hotel, Hotel Europa. […]

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Learning Spanish: It’s the Little Successes

September 27, 2011

Should you learn the native language before traveling to a foreign country? This is a question that plagues many travelers. I know many people around the world speak English, so you can get by without knowing a country’s language, but I feel guilty if they have to accommodate me by speaking what is to them […]

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Templo de Debod, Madrid

September 23, 2011

Here’s a sight I never thought I’d see: An Egyptian temple in the middle of Madrid, Spain. Not in a museum, just sitting on a hilltop in Parque del Oeste. How did an Egyptian temple come to be here? As is often the case in these situations, it was a gift from Egypt to Spain. […]

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Palacio Real de Madrid

September 15, 2011

Palacio Real de Madrid (The Royal Palace of Madrid) is a popular sightseeing stop in the city of Madrid, Spain. Technically, it’s the royal residence, but it’s really only used for official ceremonies. The palace was built in the 18th Century by King Philip V of Spain (who was actually French) on the site of […]

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The Foods of Spain

September 5, 2011
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One of the joys of traveling is trying new foods, the local specialties. Some people, of course, are more adventurous than others. You won’t catch me eating bugs or fried rats just because that’s the local specialty. But I do like to experiment a bit with the local cuisine. Which of Spain’s specialties did I […]

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