A Newbie at the United Club Lounge

March 11, 2015
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Are you one of those lucky people whose business pays for you to spend your airport layover time in an airline club lounge instead of with the rest of us riff-raff in the food court or at the gates? Or are you, like me, someone to whom the airline club lounge experience has always seemed […]

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How I Survived an 11-Hour Flight

April 23, 2014
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Before my January 2014 trip to Honolulu, I had never been on a long-haul flight before, unless you count the 8 hours it takes to get to some European countries. Eight hours is grueling enough, but the idea of being cooped up on a plane—in economy class—for 11 hours sent chills of dread up my […]

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The Thrill is Gone: An Airport Rant

June 8, 2012
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As the old saying goes, there’s a thin line between love and hate. Congratulations, US airlines, TSA, and airports all across the US. You have pushed me over that line, you have turned my love for flying into hate. It’s been coming for awhile now, and mostly, I’ve blamed the airlines–what with costly flight cancellations […]

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Solo Travel and the Long-distance Train

August 31, 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like to go solo on a long-distance train trip? Wonder no more. Today’s guest blogger, Brooke Schoenman, outlines what train travel can be like for both the solitary–and the sociable–solo traveler.   Out of necessity, I started traveling solo, as many of us do. After several jaunts and jumps […]

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The Pros and Cons of the Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour Bus

July 5, 2011

You see them in almost every major city that is a tourist destination: The brightly-colored double-decker buses packed with tourists snapping photos of every building, every landmark, every dog they see whizzing on a fire hydrant. Maybe you’ve been on one. Maybe you’ve made fun of everyone on one. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve done both […]

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7 Things About Travel That Stress Me Out

August 13, 2010

If you’re reading this blog, then it’s no secret to you that I love to travel. I love seeing new places, meeting new people.  I love researching my trips ahead of time, figuring out what I want to do, where I might want to eat.  I even love flying and taking public transportation.  For the […]

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The Carry-On Experiment

August 6, 2010

I sat in my comfy leather seat, gripping the armrests nervously, trying not to sweat as the plane began to descend into New York.  I had already unplugged my earbuds from the jack in the arm rest. I couldn’t concentrate on the TV screen in front of me any more.  I looked around me at […]

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The TSA Fails Travelers

December 30, 2009

I think it’s time we admit that the Transportation Security Administration is almost as much an enemy to the flying public as terrorists are. After all the resources that have been pumped into this agency, all they’ve really succeeded in doing is making travelers’ lives miserable.  The attempted bombing of an Amsterdam to Detroit flight […]

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Burlington to Boston Flights–or Lack Thereof

March 22, 2009

An article in today’s Burlington Free Press discusses the Burlington International Airport’s challenge of trying to persuade an airline–any airline–to add a route between Burlington and Boston.  I was really glad to see this article, because it’s on a topic that I have long been frustrated by. Right now, we have no direct flights between […]

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