Restaurant Review: Hunt Room Grill

by Gray Cargill on February 4, 2009

On my last night in New Orleans, a new acquaintance who happened to be staying at the Hotel Monteleone suggested we have dinner at their restaurant, the Hunt Room Grill.  It hadn’t been on my list of dining choices, but I was willing to give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  This was the best meal of my trip.

The restaurant was almost empty but for us and one other table of two women.  (I hope that’s just because we were there shortly after it opened and not because people don’t eat there regularly.  If people don’t eat here regularly, it’s a crime.)  The decor is very classy and old school, with lots of dark wood features.  Service was prompt and professional.  There is a small bar area should you ever be dining solo there and don’t want to sit at a table.

The food was the best I had in New Orleans.  I ordered the pan-fried free range chicken breast with green and white asparagus and three Wisconsin cheese ditali pasta (for $26).  Everything was so superb, I practically inhaled it.  I could taste all the individual flavors and each one contributed to the overall experience.  The chicken was tangy, a little bit sticky, and a little bit crispy.  Of course, free range chicken always tastes better anyway.  The cheese pasta was among the best I’ve ever had.  The asparagus was perfectly cooked–crisp-tender, not mushy.  Unfortunately, I was too full for dessert.

If you’re staying at the Monteleone during your New Orleans travel (or even if you’re not staying there), I highly recommend dinner here.  The Hunt Room Grill is open nightly from 6pm-10pm.

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