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by Gray Cargill on July 11, 2008

Yapta LogoI first heard about Yapta, an airfare tracking site, a couple of months ago and wanted to test it out myself before I recommended it. Suffice it to say, Yapta has won me over, completely.

I had booked airfare for a trip to Vegas in September through Jetblue at a price that was a bit higher than I would have liked (because I waited about 1 week too long before booking). Luckily, Yapta can track airfares even after you’ve booked, and let you know if the price goes down. If it does, you can call the airline for a credit or refund of the difference between the price you paid and the cheaper fare. Well, today, Yapta emailed me an alert that my flights were now selling for $40 less than what I paid for them. I immediately got on the phone with Jetblue and voila! Instant $40 credit in my True Blue account toward my next flight. Woo!

Yes, I could have acquired the same credit had I been willing to check and recheck those flights a couple of times per day myself, but I have a life. Which is why a service like Yapta is so fantastic–it does the work for you.

Here’s how it works: You download Yapta onto your computer, where it becomes an add-on to your browser. When you go to an airline website to check flights, the Yapta sidebar should appear on the left of your computer screen. Do your search on the airline site, and a button will appear next to the flights that says “tag with Yapta“. Click the button next to the flights that look good to you, and Yapta will start tracking the prices on those flights. This is a great way to compare flight prices with different airlines. If you want to track a flight you’ve already booked to see if the price goes down, just enter that information, and Yapta will track that, too. (There is also a function where you are supposed to be able to search for flights for trips on all your pre-selected airlines at once using the Yapta website, but this function has not worked for me so far in my Firefox browser.)

I’ve already got Yapta hard at work trying to find me the best airfare for my Christmas holiday travel. With airfares climbing sky high these days, and most of us leading very busy lives, we all need a little help finding the best prices without spending countless hours online. Other than a travel agent, Yapta is the best tool I’ve found so far to do that. I highly recommend it.

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