Nomadic Chick Sparks a Creative Revolution

by Gray Cargill on October 1, 2014

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This week’s interview is for the women out there who are writers or would-be writers. If you feel you have a powerful piece of writing inside of you, that you yearn to bring to life but you haven’t been able to make it happen, read on. Don’t worry, there is a travel component to this, too. And next week, we’ll get back to purely travel.

One of my favorite sister travel bloggers is Jeannie Mark, author of the beautifully-written Nomadic Chick. Jeannie, like me, is a solo female traveler — only she does it full-time. I first met Jeannie a few years ago in Montreal. She is just as smart, just as much fun, and as lovely a person as you might imagine if you’ve ever read her work. We bonded over our shared love for the written word and being single women travelers.

While I love the work Jeannie’s done with her own writing at Nomadic Chick, I’m thrilled that she’s taken on a role mentoring emerging writers and travelers through prominent speaking engagements like the 2013 Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference and her 2014 keynotes at the Women in Travel Summit and Blogstock. What you may not know about Jeannie is that she’s also leading writing webinars and retreats. Jeannie and writer/editor Leigh Shulman (of The Future is Red) are co-founders of Creative Revolution Retreats.

Creative Revolutions has a women-only retreat coming up in February 2015 in Costa Rica that I thought might interest some of you ladies out there: Though writing is the central focus, the retreat also takes a holistic approach to “self care” via meditation, practicing yoga, getting massages, and more with a small group of other women who are on the same journey. It has the benefit, of course, of being hosted in the exotically beautiful Costa Rica. Sometimes, it takes getting away from everyday obligations and stressors to focus on the creative process to kickstart that writing project you’ve been thinking about for years but haven’t actually started–or to just get back in touch with the creative side of yourself that you may have lost from years of being worn down by the world.

To give you a better idea of what this particular retreat is all about, I asked Jeannie to answer a few questions for me. Here is the focus of the retreat, in Jeannie’s words: …Keep Reading!


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