My Two Favorite Smithsonian Museums

by Gray Cargill on February 25, 2015

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You know how there are museums that you visit once and you’re glad you did, but you also know you never need to go back again? This article is not about that kind of museum. I’ve been to Washington, DC exactly two times–once back in the 1990s for a single rainy Saturday and once this past October for 5 days–and on both trips, I chose the same two Smithsonian Museums to visit. This, despite the fact that the Smithsonian has 18 museum properties in DC.

Believe me, I did my research on all of them. (To be fair, I did visit the American History Museum back in the ’90s and I would have visited the Zoo on this trip, but I ran out of time.) The truth is, these were the two that appealed to me the most, then and now.

Since my last trip to DC took place around 20 years ago, I think the argument can be made that it was time to revisit these museums. After 20 years, the ol’ memory isn’t what it used to be, and I could barely remember what I saw back then, anyway. So visiting them felt like a new experience, not an old one.

It had absolutely nothing to do with me geeking out over space ships and dinosaurs.


Okay, maybe it had everything to do with me geeking out over space ships and dinosaurs. I’m sure the identities of these two museums will come as no surprise to most of you, because they’re probably your favorites, too. Or at least your children’s. …Keep Reading!


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